How to Write a Great Press Release?

A press release is a written communication that reports specific but brief information about an event, circumstance, product launch or other happening.

This 1-3-page document is disseminated to the media in the hopes that reporters and editors will use the information contained within in an upcoming TV or radio broadcast, in a newspaper or magazine issue or on the media’s website.

The whole purpose of a press release is to get coverage and get noticed by a target audience.

It is important to learn how to write a good press release that is concise, informative and compelling.

Press Release


Write an Attention-Getting Heading that Highlights the Unique Selling Point of Your Story

    • As much as the headline of a great press release should be interesting. It must clearly communicate what is newsworthy or unique about your story.
    • Avoid superlatives like “best”, “amazing”, “incredible”, “awesome” or “must-read”. However, objective words that communicate a difference can be very powerful.
    • “First” is one of the best ways to differentiate your story. Words that can be quantified with evidence can also work well. Good examples will be “tallest”, “smallest”, “longest”, “lightest”, “fastest” and “thinnest”.
    • Try to keep the headline as short as possible, although this is not always easy. So instead of just focusing on length, ensure the headline is easily “readable”.

Spend Time Crafting the First Paragraph of the Press Release

    • After the headline, the most important part of the press release is the first paragraph. It should start with the location: where you are and where the news is taking place.
    • Next, it must include all the pertinent information of your story in a few sentences. The first paragraph should cover the who, what, why, where and how of your new launch, update or development.
    • The first paragraph must expand on your headline and explain why your story is newsworthy and worth covering.
    • Journalists and editors often do not have time to read an entire press release and will make a judgement based on the headline and first paragraph. If these two pieces of information do not pique their interest, they will not be compelled to read the rest of the release.

Keep the Main Body of the Press Release Concise

    • If the journalist or editor is interested in your pitch and story, the body of the press release will give them more information. You should be as concise as possible, providing only relevant and important information.
    • Include a quote in the body of your press release, whether it is from the chairman of the company, CEO or a spokesperson. As with the rule of press release writing, keep the quote short and sweet. One or two sentences will suffice. The purpose of the quote is to give the press release a “human” voice and give a soundbite that a journalist can include in story.
Great Press Release

About Your Company

Include a section on your company information after the main body of the press release. This is also known as a boilerplate. This paragraph or two gives some background information on the company or the organisation that is releasing the press release.

Press Contact

It is important to include the name and contact details of your PR professional, media coordinator or communications executive. Be sure to include a direct telephone number, mobile number and email address so that journalists can make contact easily. Time is very important in the media publishing world, so you want to be able to establish close contact and communication with journalists.

Before You Start Writing the Press Release

Before you pen your press release, look for examples of the best press releases for a specific topic or industry. Try to find press releases that match the size of your business. A press release published by a multi-national corporation will be very different in tone, gravitas and content complexity, compared to a small or medium enterprise.

One useful rule of the thumb is to communicate as much information as you can in the most concise way possible. Journalists are busy people and love content that is sufficient and clear.

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