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With technological advancements and digitalisation impacting business and marketing, brands can engage, connect and easily sell to customers regardless of where they might live in the world.

However, this game-changing accessibility comes with a price: a super competitive market with even more competition. Now, businesses, both big and small, can operate on an almost-even playing field.

A small business owner can go viral with a social media post that can reach millions of people more effectively than a $250,000 advertising campaign by a multi-national corporation.

Business owners and marketers need more than just a marketing budget to succeed in the digital economy. They need the know-how, creativity and “digital smarts” (the new version of “street smarts”) to get customers’ attention and business.

Marketing Game Changers for the Digital Economy | eFunnely

A Digital Marketing Guide for 2021 & Beyond

In the spirit of our ethos – Search. Learn. Connect, we would like to share three marketing game-changers that will give you an edge in growing your business.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, working marketing professional or looking to transition into a business management career, we hope this digital marketing guide will give you an unfair advantage over your competition in the digital economy.

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