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eFunnely provides a content marketing service to help businesses in Southeast Asia promote their products and services as part of your marketing funnel.

Content marketing is an online marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and content to build brand authority and drive traffic for profitable customer action.

Content marketing can help increase online visibility and generate traffic to your website or product pages.

How it Works

Here is how eFunnely’s content marketing programme works:

    • eFunnely will publish submitted original written content (supported by images and videos if included) and publish it as blog posts in our blog.
    • You may promote your business within the context of the article as long as it is not too blatant.
    • The article can include up to 2 x do-follow links to your website.
    • The service is currently free.

Submission Guidelines

If you are a business based in Southeast Asia and are interested to submit a piece of content, here are the guidelines.

Topic Guidelines

As eFunnely is a digital marketing hub, the article must be related to digital marketing. 

Topics can cover:

    • Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Online Paid Advertising
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Web Design & Development
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content Marketing
    • Influencer Marketing
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Data Analytics
    • Marketing Technology
    • General Marketing in the Digital Economy

NOTE: Even if your business is not in the digital industry, you may still submit an article and promote your business in the context of your digital marketing efforts.

Writing Guidelines

The article must:

    • Be well-written with properly constructed sentences and no grammatical or spelling mistakes.
    • Use appropriate headings to organise the content and break up the article into different sections for easy reading.
    • Contain at least 800 words.
    • Not have been published anywhere online before.
    • Be original and offer value to readers.
    • Not be similar in title or content to another article already published on our blog.

The article can:

      • Contain a profile of the author (maximum 150 words) and is separate from the 800-wordcount of the main article.
      • Contain a maximum of two do-follow links can. The links can be to different webpages and/ or sites.

Content Policy

The article must not include the following content:

      • Adult Content
      • Child Exploitation
      • Dangerous and Illegal Activities
      • Harassment, Bullying, and Threats
      • Hate Speech
      • Impersonation and Misrepresentation of Identity
      • Malware and Similar Malicious Content
      • Misleading Content
      • Explicit Imagery
      • Personal and Confidential Information
      • Spam
      • Terrorist Activities
      • Violence and Gore
      • Plagiarized Content or Copyrighted Content
      • Blatant Self-promotion or Selling

Terms of Use

eFunnely’s Content Marketing Service is currently free. However, if you use our service, you must provide a backlink from your website to eFunnely. This will be in the form of a text link or by showcasing a badge that will be provided.

eFunnely reserves the right:

    • Not to publish any articles that do not meet our submission guidelines.
    • To request amendments to the article if required. 
    • To edit or modify the contents of the article to improve the article or add value to it.
    • To remove the content if it is published anywhere else online or if the information is no longer relevant or accurate.

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